With DataHub, Mina developers no longer have to worry about managing infrastructure as we offer direct access to Mina’s GraphQL API via our highly reliable full node infrastructure. This will ensure that your application is always connected to Mina, so that you can focus on building a better experience for your users.

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What can you build on Mina?

Mina provides developers with one of the most versatile protocols available today. Developers can:

  • Build Snapps that enable trustless verification of computation
  • Build permissionless payment systems accessible via traditional web apps, straight from your browser or smartphone
  • Create permissionless web oracles
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With DataHub, developers can now read and write on top Web 3 protocols through our enterprise-grade infrastructure. We make sure they can focus on what they do best: develop amazing products.

Features and Benefits

DataHub customers gain access to the most complete Web 3 Gateway:

  • High availability access to network APIs backed by redundant infrastructure
  • Ability to read on-chain data and submit transactions
  • Easy integration
  • High-quality support
  • Low maintenance
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure

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Figment launches Learn to educate and onboard developers to Web 3 protocols. With Learn, developers gain access to comprehensive practical tutorials developed by Figment and the community to foster the ecosystem’s growth.

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