The World’s Most Secure Blockchain Infrastructure

We have built the most advanced blockchain infrastructure by applying 30+ years of real world experience operating critical internet infrastructure.
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Reliable and secure private nodes for enterprise clients

Our physical infrastructure is combined with a network of public and private sentry nodes on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, OVHcloud, Digital Ocean, and other public cloud platforms.

We limit public internet connectivity to our physical validator nodes.

Our facilities are connected to AWS GCP using direct connections with VPN backup and to other cloud platforms using VPNs.

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The most secure and reliable Web3 infrastructure built from the ground up to maximize security and minimize risk:

  • Validator nodes hosted in a Tier 3 IDC with 2N power and cooling, advanced climate control, redundant fibre, A+B power/network paths and biometric access control.
  • Sentry nodes hosted in North America, Europe and Asia across 5 public cloud providers, connected to IDC via redundant direct connections and VPN links.
  • Private peering interconnection with other trusted validators.
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to secure private keys and prevent double sign faults.
  • Multi on-premise and off-premise secure server backup and redundancy
  • 24/7 on call dev-ops team with internal and external monitoring & alerting.

Customer Quotes

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“It’s been a pleasure working with Figment from day one. Figment has an impeccable reputation as one of the leading PoS validators globally, with an impressive portfolio of customers.”
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“It's important for us to have an active role in our investments. Figment's technical expertise and comprehensive support made onchain participation easy on the SKALE Network.”
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“Figment is our chosen staking partner because of their dedication to network success, while ensuring we are protected when staking our token investments.”

Learn More About Our Infrastructure

Whether you’re a new network, existing network, exchange, custodian, wallet, or developer, our infrastructure can be the right solution for you.

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