Crescent is a DeFi Hub that engages users on a journey to explore limitless possibilities of digital assets by unifying various blockchains in ways unseen in the Cosmos Ecosystem. It aims to enhance capital efficiency, maximize potential financial returns and manage risk effectively.

Crescent can be synthesized as a decentralized, mutually governed DeFi Hub that will be owned by CRE  (Crescent’s native token) holders. The ultimate goal of Crescent Network is to provide a marketplace for multi-chain assets with capital-efficient liquidity incentives and to help users effectively manage risk by providing secure cross-chain collateralization protocol. The Crescent protocol aims to achieve that by serving three main functionalities;

  • Crescent Dex
  • Crescent Boost 
  • Crescent Derivatives
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Market Cap
Rewards are distributed daily. One epoch is equal to 24hrs. It restarts at 00:00 UTC.
5% of tokens slashed if validator double-signs.
14 days
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Optimizing Staking With Figment

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Figment is a venture funded, registered Canadian company based in Toronto. Canada offers stability, rule of law and clear crypto regulation.

30+ years of experience successfully scaling internet infrastructure companies.


Active participant in the Crescent ecosystem.


The world’s most advanced physical IDC + multi-cloud staking infrastructure.

Commission rate of 10%

Protected via industry-leading Staking & Delegation agreement.

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