Injective is a Proof of Stake based blockchain built on top of Cosmos SDK designed to be the first trustless and truly decentralized exchange protocol.

Injective core features include:

  • Chain – A layer 2 Cosmos Zone that hosts the exchange protocol, which includes a fully decentralized orderbook, trade execution coordinator, order matcher and order execution environment.
  • Futures – A peer-to-peer futures supporting perpetual swaps and contracts for difference enabling anyone to create and trade on arbitrary derivative markets with a price feed.
  • Exchange – Open-source exchange infrastructure that eliminates the technical barriers of entry to trading on a highly performant exchange.
  • Governance – Fully governed by Injective token holders.

Stake Now
Market Cap
Distributed every block
5% for double signing and 0.01% for downtime
7% of supply, set to decrease over time until reaching 2%.
~ 7 days
New delegation required
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Optimizing Staking With Figment

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Figment is a venture funded, registered Canadian company based in Toronto. Canada offers stability, rule of law and clear crypto regulation.

Serving the world’s largest INJ holders.

30+ years of experience successfully scaling internet infrastructure companies.


Our Commission rate is 8.5%.

Active participant in the INJ ecosystem.

Third-party custody solutions are available through our institutional partners.


The world’s most advanced physical IDC + multi-cloud staking infrastructure.

You maintain custody of your INJ at all times.

Protected via industry-leading Staking & Delegation agreement.

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Staking Guide & Instructions

The easiest way to stake INJ is via Keplr.

  1. Navigate to Injective’s Staking Dashboard.
  2. On the navigation menu at the top of the page, click “Validators.”
  3. Under Validators, enter “Figment” in the search bar to filter the list of Validators and click the illuminated “Delegate” button.
  4. Enter the amount of INJ you want to delegate and click the illuminated “Delegate” button.

Figment's Validator Addresses


Need more detailed instructions?

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Injective FAQ

What is the name of the asset being staked?

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Injective's native token, INJ, is used for staking, participation in on-chain governance, various incentives, collateral backing for derivatives, and exchange participation.

When are staking rewards enabled? When are transfers enabled?

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When are staking rewards enabled? When are transfers enabled?

How long does it take to stake & unstake INJ?

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~20 days, making it similar to other Cosmos-based projects.

Do I maintain custody of my INJ tokens? Who or what controls my staked INJ token?

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You can self-custody your Injective tokens, ideally using a Ledger hardware wallet.

Figment has partnerships with a number of top-in-class custodians:

Can my staked INJ be slashed (seized or destroyed)?

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Is staking income liquid or automatically staked?

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Can I lose potential staking rewards?

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Your potential rewards depend upon validator performance. When your validator is down, you will not be earning staking income.

What is the rate of new issuance (aka "annual inflation") for INJ? How does the token supply change?

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Inflation for the mainnet will be 7% of the total supply, set to decrease over time until reaching a floor of 2%.

How are decisions about the Injective made and executed?

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Decisions are executed via on-chain governance. A proposal must be submitted for consideration with a deposit of INJ, before it can be voted on.

Where can I learn more about Injective?

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