The Keep Network enables privacy options for Ethereum applications and users. “Keeps” will hold small amounts of data in the secure, distributed Keep Network, includes two core applications.

  • The Random Beacon provides a source of verifiable randomness. No one, including the signers, knows who the signers are. They are selected by the Random Beacon.
  • tBTC lets Ethereum smart contracts lock BTC on the Bitcoin Network and mint Ethereum-based tBTC tokens, which are backed by real BTC. The tBTC application leverages Keep’s ability to keep small amounts of data enable the network to store a private key without revealing the key to anyone.

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Market Cap
Distributed automatically every block
100% for double signing and 100% for 90 minutes of downtime
18% of supply will be awarded to delegators
60 day unbonding period
Rewards are automatically restaked
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Figment is a venture funded, registered Canadian company based in Toronto. Canada offers stability, rule of law and clear crypto regulation.

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Staking Guide & Instructions

Stake your KEEP tokens in a few clicks by following these steps:

Keep delegations are different than those of other popular staking networks. You’ll first need to contact Figment via:

Once you have your KEEP, ensure that Figment has provided you with the addresses required for your delegation. We will give you unique addresses that are specifically for your delegation.

  1. Begin with the Metamask Chrome extension running on the Ethereum mainnet, and connect your Ledger to Metamask.
  2. You can then use the KEEP token dashboard’ here. Select MetaMask for your wallet.
  3. Begin by designating Figment as your operator: 0xFigmentAddress (we will create one for you)
  4. Authorizer should be set to a provided Figment address: 0xFigmentAuth (we will provide this)
  5. Beneficiary should be set to a provided Figment address: 0xFigmentBank (we can provide this)

Figment's Validator Addresses

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Keep FAQ

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