The Oasis Network is a layer one, Proof of Stake platform that enables the tokenization of data, which will give ownership of data back to individuals. The Oasis Network is built with three key principles in mind:

  • Privacy-First Design – End-to-end confidentiality and true data ownership will be supported by the Oasis Network.
  • Resilient, Flexible Architecture – The Oasis Network is designed to support a broad range of use cases without having to go through hard-forks or large network updates.
  • Real-World Performance – The Oasis Network separates computation from consensus.

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100 ROSE slashed for double signing
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Optimizing Staking With Figment

Figment offers peace of mind to its customers and provides the most complete staking experience in the industry

Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Figment leverages the founding team’s 30+ years of real world experience operating critical internet infrastructure, resulting in unparalleled performance across our staking and application platforms.

Stake with confidence and knowledge

Get insights from Figment’s complete staking offering with 24/7 institutional support from our dedicated global team and regularly produced industry leading research and insights.

Fully automated rewards reporting

Available via the Figment App or via API that hooks directly into client platforms, offering portfolio tracking across multiple networks and rewards optimization.

Staking Guide & Instructions

Stake your ROSE tokens in a few clicks by following these steps:

  1. Head to Chorus One’s Anthem and use your Ledger hardware device to log in. Connect to the Oasis network.
  2. Verify your available balance, and then click the ‘Stake’ button.
  3. Select ‘Choose Validator’ and search for Figment’s validator. In case you can’t find Figment, this is our address:oasis1qzthup6qts0k689z2wy84yvk9ctnht66eyxl7268
  4. Enter the number of ROSE tokens you plan to stake and delegate. Note that you should keep at least 5 ROSE for transaction fees.
  5. Then click the ‘Generate My Transaction’ button and finalize the delegation with your Ledger device.

Figment's Validator Addresses


Need more detailed instructions?

See full guide

Oasis Network FAQ

Where can I explore the network and create an Oasis wallet?

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What is the name of the asset being staked?

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In short: ROSE

The Oasis network's native token, ROSE, is used to stake and to pay for transaction fees. You can read more about ROSE here.

When are staking rewards enabled? When are transfers enabled?

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In short: Nov 18, 2020

We expect both ROSE staking and transfers to begin November 18, 2020 at 16:00 UTC. This process was proposed by the Oasis Foundation after mainnet beta had been stable for 10 days.

Why stake ROSE?

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Good question!

In short: locked ROSE can be staked to earn ~20% annually in ROSE

Initially, the ROSE token is being staked to earn new issuance ("inflationary") subsidies. That means that the ROSE supply will increase and stakers will capture the newly issued ROSE. Initially, stakers earned around 20% annualized for the first six months on staked ROSE, but that is scheduled to change.

2B of the 10B fixed supply will be used to reward staking. You can read more about the token economics here.

Stakers will also capture fees from network transactions, so as Oasis transaction volume increases, ROSE stakers will earn more than just new issuance subsidies.

The ROSE token will also give stakers the right to vote on policy decisions for how the Oasis protocol will operate.

How long does it take to unstake?

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In short: 14 days

From the moment you initiate the unbonding process, it takes 14 days to unstake. During this time you will not earn rewards. When the process is complete, you can transfer/trade your ROSE tokens.

Do I maintain custody of my ROSE tokens? Who or what controls my staked ROSE token?

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You will be able to self-custody your Oasis ROSE tokens, ideally using a Ledger hardware wallet. Instructions for using your Ledger wallet with Oasis can be found here.

Figment has partnerships with a number of top-in-class custodians:

The Oasis protocol takes control of your ROSE tokens while you are staking. If you unbond your tokens, this process will take 14 days before the protocol returns your tokens to you. While your ROSE are staked, you will earn staking rewards.

Can my staked ROSE be slashed (seized or destroyed)?

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Yes, a portion of your staked ROSE can be destroyed.

If you delegate to a validator that signs the same block twice with the same key, you will lose 100 of your delegated tokens and your validator will be permanently removed.

There will be no slashing for validator downtime.

How is staking income disbursed? Is staking income liquid or automatically staked?

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Income earned by delegators is automatically added to their existing stake, which means:

  1. Staking income will compound (ie. earning rewards on rewards).
  2. It will take 14 days to withdraw any staking income.

Payouts are handled automatically by the protocol and are regularly distributed.

Can I lose out on potential rewards?

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Stakers will only receive rewards in each epoch (ie. each hour) if their validator signs at least 75% of blocks within that epoch.

A validator removed from the active set will no longer be earning its delegators any rewards. This happens when the validator that commits a safety violation (ie. equivocation, also known as double-signing), and if this happens, you will need to delegate to a new validator to resume earning rewards.

What is the rate of new issuance (aka "annual inflation") for ROSE? How does the token supply change?

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Oasis will have a fixed supply, so there will be no new issuance ROSE, only newly distributed ROSE. Initially the network will launch with 1.5B tokens and will not exceed 10B. You can read more about ROSE distribution here.

How are decisions about the Oasis Protocol made and executed?

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The Oasis network began with a meritocratic, consensus-based community decision-making process (that you can read about here), but is migrating to on-chain governance.

Where can I learn more about Oasis?

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