Terra is a smart contract-enabled blockchain that harnesses the utility of the Cosmos project CosmWasm’s technology. Powered by the native Terra LUNA coin and the TerraUSD coin (UST), the Terra blockchain has become a compelling building ground for blockchain-based applications.

Terra Core builds on Tendermint consensus and the Cosmos SDK toolkits.

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Market Cap
Distributed automatically each block
0.05% for double signing and 0.05% for downtime
~21 day to unbonding period
New delegation required

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Our Commission rate is 12%.

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Third-party custody solutions are available through our institutional partners.

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The world’s most advanced physical IDC + multi-cloud staking infrastructure.

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Staking Guide & Instructions

Stake your LUNA tokens in a few clicks by following these steps:

You may use the Terra Station’s web interface or download their wallet to begin staking LUNA. Terra Station supports, and we recommend, using Ledger hardware wallet devices. Once you are logged into Terra Station:

  1. Click on the Staking tab from the menu on the left-hand side of the Terra Station wallet.
  2. Navigate to the Validators section and then click on Figment from within the list of validators.
  3. Click on the blue Delegate button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Enter an amount of LUNA to delegate and make sure Figment’s address is in the “To” field.
  5. Follow the prompts, enter your Terra Station password, and click Submit.

Can’t see your LUNA in your account?
There are two Ledger apps–try using the Cosmos Ledger app with Terra Station instead of the Terra Ledger app.

Figment's Validator Addresses


Need more detailed instructions?

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Terra FAQ

Where can I explore the network and create a Terra wallet?

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What is the name of the asset being staked?

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Terra's native token, LUNA, is used for staking and participating in on-chain governance.

Rewards are received in KRW, SDR, EUR, and USD stablecoin tokens. These can be converted into LUNA by swapping coins.

When are staking rewards enabled? When are transfers enabled?

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Staking rewards and transfers are currently enabled.

Why stake LUNA?

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Good question!

Initially, the LUNA is being staked to earn rewards from transaction volume inside Terra's economy, taxes, and seigniorage rewards (which is value gained from issuing new LUNA). new issuance ("inflationary") subsidies.  Generally, you will earn around 25% annually on your staked LUNA, but that can change. Since staking rewards are tied to inflation, read about how inflation and rewards are related here.

LUNA also gives stakers the right to vote on policy decisions for how the Terra will operate and distribute treasury funds.

How long does it take to stake & unstake LUNA?

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From the moment you initiate the unbonding process, it takes 21 days to unstake. During this time you will not earn rewards, nor transfer, exchange, or spend your LUNA. LUNA can be slashed during this time.

Do I maintain custody of my LUNA tokens? Who or what controls my staked LUNA token?

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You can self-custody your Terra LUNA tokens, ideally using a Ledger hardware wallet and Terra Station. Terral takes control of your X tokens while you are staking.

Figment has partnerships with a number of top-in-class custodians: support@figment.io.

Can my staked LUNA be slashed (seized or destroyed)?

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Yes, a portion of your staked LUNA can be destroyed. There are two ways this can happen:

  1. If you delegate to a validator that is offline for over 10000 blocks, you will lose 0.05% of the tokens you have delegated to that validator.
  2. If you delegate to a validator that signs the same block twice with the same key, you will lose 0.05% of the tokens you have delegated to that validator.

How is staking income disbursed? Is staking income liquid or automatically staked?

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Staking income is liquid, which means you will not need to unstake to withdraw your staking income. New delegation required for liquid rewards.

As of Dec 26, the Terra network no longer pays LUNA rewards. Rewards are received in KRW, SDR, EUR, and USD stablecoin tokens. To restake rewards, delegators must trade the reward currency for LUNA and re-delegate them.

Can I lose potential staking rewards?

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Your potential rewards depend upon validator performance. When your validator is down, you will not be earning staking income.

What is the rate of new issuance (aka "annual inflation") for LUNA? How does the token supply change?

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LUNA does not have an issuance rate. Rewards in Terra come from transaction fees, gas. and seigniorage rewards.

LUNA pays a larger role in collateralizing the mechanisms that help secure price-stability for stablecoins on the network.

How are decisions about the Terra made and executed?

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Terra uses the LUNA token voting for on-chain governance. Governance proposals are discussed on the forum and voted on Terra Station.

Where can I learn more about Terra?

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