Blockchain at Berkeley Partners with Figment on Web 3 Learning

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We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Blockchain at Berkeley to create a better path for developers learning how to build on Web 3.  

blockchain at berkeley

Paths to Learning

With Learn, developers can start from zero blockchain knowledge to deploying a smart contract within a day. We launched Figment Learn last year because we saw a need for a more simplified learning experience for Web 2 developers looking to build on Web 3 protocols. Our goal for Figment Learn is to break down as many barriers to entry as possible, which is why we offer our tutorials and developer tooling completely free for developers learning how to build on Web 3.

Our path to learning is akin to the approach of Blockchain at Berkeley. Their blockchain fundamentals course taught every semester is accessible to anyone around the globe and completely free of charge. With similar missions, we saw synergies.

Berkeley on Learn

Berkeley’s Blockchain Fundamentals course will now be a part of the Figment Learn knowledge base. Now, our Figment Learn community will have access to 101 blockchain knowledge taught by some of the best academics in the world. 

Figment Learn at Berkeley

Figment Learn will also be used by students at Berkeley during their Ethereum/Solidity course this Summer. Our advanced pathways, tutorials, and documentation will help streamline the learning process for the next generation of blockchain developers.

Cycle of Learning and Teaching

Students interested in giving back to our Learn community will also have the opportunity to create more advanced tutorials designed to grow our learning experience.

Any developer interested in contributing to our knowledge base can earn up to $500 for every developer tutorial they submit to Figment Learn. Fill out this form to get started. 

“Many students leave our Fundamentals and Developers courses with a desire to understand other protocols. Learn offers our students a place where they can seamlessly branch off from our content, and begin developing on many of the projects mentioned in our courses.”

Andrew Kirillov, Co-Head of Education of Blockchain at Berkeley

“Learn was created to grow the Web 3 developer ecosystem. Working with Blockchain at Berkeley provides developers a clear path from Web 2 to Web 3. This partnership gets us a few steps closer to achieving our vision for the Web 3 knowledge base.”

Yannick Folla, Product Lead & Head of Learn

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Blockchain at Berkeley and we can’t wait to see what their students build this Summer.

Interested in partnering with Figment Learn? Contact us for more information.

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