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We are pleased to announce DataHub support for developers building on Solana, the censorship resistant Layer 1 blockchain built for global adoption. Now, Solana developers have direct access to Solana’s RPC and Websockets. Sign-up now or learn more by reading below. 

Why Build on Solana?

Solana is a Layer 1 blockchain that is built for speed and composability, without sacrificing censorship resistance or relying on sharding. Applications being built on Ethereum today are constantly dealing with congestion issues, high gas fees & finality times, and low throughput (roughly 15 transactions per second). These issues result in a poor user experience and ultimately leaves Ethereum applications limited in their use cases. 

The Solana blockchain solves these scalability issues with Proof of History, a cryptographic timestamp technology that increases the performance of Proof of Stake consensus.. PoH integrates time into Solana’s PoS consensus mechanism, which allows Solana validators to be exponentially more efficient in processing transactions. 

Solana Offers: 

Scalability - On top of the PoH solution designed to scale Solana, Solana is designed to scale with Moore’s Law (i.e. doubling throughput every two years). Simply put, as hardware and bandwidth become more efficient and powerful, so will the Solana blockchain. 

Low Transaction Fees - Because of Solana’s high throughput, end users of your application will not be subject to volatile gas fees on Solana. This allows you to create a more familiar experience for your users. 

Composability - Solana is designed to scale, without sharding. That means your application will always be connected to the burgeoning Solana ecosystem

Why DataHub? 

There are plenty of advantages to building on Solana, but you must connect your application to the Solana chain. This usually requires developers to manage their own node infrastructure to read from, and submit transactions to, the validator network. This can be complex and unscalable, especially for small teams. 

DataHub ensures that Solana applications are always connected to the network via our highly available read/write node and enriched API infrastructure. In other words, DataHub makes applications on Solana even more scalable.

DataHub Offers:

  • High availability access to network APIs backed by redundant infrastructure
  • Ability to read on-chain data and submit transactions
  • Easy integration
  • High-quality support
  • Low maintenance
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure

A Scalable Developer Experience

DataHub removes the complexities of building on blockchain technology. This allows developers to spend more time on product development and creating a better experience for their users. 

Our platform allows for easy API key management/rotation, and our service plans are easily upgradeable, giving developers the ability to scale their applications quickly. 

Our DataHub solution is the perfect compliment to your Solana application and building experience. As Solana grows, so will the functionality of DataHub allowing developers to easily scale their applications today and overtime. Focus on your vision, not your infrastructure by building on Solana with DataHub today. 

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