Chainapsis: Streamlining Keplr Development with DataHub

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Chainapsis is a company with a mission to create meaningful connections between people and blockchain applications. The Chainapsis team gave us some insight on their Keplr roadmap, shared some of their thoughts on the Web 3 ecosystem, and told us why they chose DataHub to connect and interact with networks like Cosmos and Secret. 



The Chainapsis founding team has been building in the Cosmos ecosystem for quite some time now. Their main product, Keplr, provides one of the most flexible transaction signing services in the ecosystem. Keplr offers powerful tools for on-chain interactions with features such as application-specific transaction signing, CosmWasm interactions support, token management, permissionless adding of new Cosmos blockchains, with more features being added on a regular basis. 

Building on Web 3 

The Chainapsis team has a unique perspective when it comes to Web 3 development. While developers understand the value of blockchain, they are hesitant to build because there is simply not enough potential users their product can address. Meanwhile, users are hesitant to use blockchain technology because of the lack of meaningful applications on-chain. This results in a chicken and an egg problem. Keplr is an attempt at breaking this cycle by addressing the human-blockchain interaction problem. 

How DataHub Helps

The Chainapsis team emphasizes quick iteration and improvements to their product. Being a small team, they quickly realized that operating their own node infrastructure in-house slowed their development. 

“Figment’s DataHub allows us to worry less about the node infrastructure and focus on the product.”

Josh Lee, Cofounder & CEO of Chainapsis

The Chainapsis team believes that both onchain and offchain infrastructure is very much needed if we want to make Web 3 development more accessible, and DataHub is just that. A combination of blockchain infrastructure, an easy to use web interface, and high-quality support. 

“DataHub’s response time to technical requests are much faster and streamlined and the onboarding process of DataHub’s web interface definitely saves time when we immediately need a new endpoint. This is a big differentiating factor from other providers/validators where we have to go through the manual process via Telegram DMs.”

Josh Lee, Cofounder & CEO of Chainapsis

Keplr Roadmap

The Chainapsis team plans to devote a lot of time to increasing Keplr access to a wider audience while building new features and refining its technical foundation. Their focus on keeping Keplr expandable and modular will allow new features to be integrated more easily, thus streamline development. Ultimately, Keplr is aiming to be the most feature packed wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem. IBC support, group keys, fee delegation, and even web3.js support could come to Keplr in the near future.

They are also planning to release a mobile wallet which will emphasize the application specific interactions instead of more simple features like asset management and staking. You can read more about Chainapsis and Keplr’s roadmap here.

Thoughts on the Ecosystem

The Chainapsis team believes that Ethereum will continue to be the DeFi hub of crypto. That said, a significant amount of activity will happen on layer 2s and via bridges. 

The team also believes that staking derivatives on the Cosmos Hub are needed now more than ever and that fair-launched zones in Cosmos will start to gain traction with the Hub and ATOM being used as one of the primary token distribution mechanisms. 

Scaling Together

The Chainapsis team was one of the first to use DataHub. They battle tested our infrastructure in the early days, which gave us early insight on how we could improve our node infrastructure and support services.  

“The Figment team has scaled significantly, and this is very evident in how responsive they have been.”

Josh Lee, Cofounder & CEO of Chainapsis

We look forward to continuing scaling together while building the infrastructure needed to attract the next generation of Web 3 users and builders.

At Figment, our mission is to build a better Internet where individuals are in complete control of how they interact and exchange value online. Our highly available node infrastructure, data and tools makes it simple for developers to build the next generation of decentralized applications without having to worry about managing complex infrastructure. Our products and services reflect our dedication to empowering the next wave of developers looking to build on Web 3. Together, we can build a better Internet.

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