Connect to Terra in Seconds with DataHub

Clayton Menzel
September 17, 2020
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It is now simpler than ever to connect to the Terra blockchain. Terra DataHub allows developers to easily connect, and interact with Terra without having to run their own nodes. This allows Terra developers to keep focusing on what they do best, and develop amazing applications. Sign-up for access today and learn more about what Terra DataHub can do for you by reading below. 


terra datahub


  • High availability access to Terra APIs backed by redundant infrastructure
  • Currently free to access for Terra developers (up to 1 million request per day)
  • Ability to submit transactions
  • Ability to search transactions by account, type, date, and memo field


Terra has experienced tremendous growth this past year. The protocol boasts over 2 million accounts and generates the highest transaction fees of any blockchain outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, all rewards earned by validators and LUNA delegators are in the form of transaction fees. 

Terra has already proven that it is able to support a global payment network, but with its introduction of Anchor protocol, Terra also has the potential to be a DeFi hub within the Cosmos ecosystem. 

In addition, Terra has recently passed a governance proposal which will bring CosmWasm smart contracts to Terra. 

These added features will make the Terra blockchain more attractive to developers building DeFi applications and protocols. 

Our mission at Figment is to make it simpler to use, build, and govern the next generation of blockchain technology, which is why we have built DataHub for Terra developers.

Terra DataHub

With DataHub, developers will be able to sign up and access live blockchain data and submit transactions on Terra without having to worry about maintaining blockchain infrastructure or building custom integrations. 

Terra DataHub offers:

  • Gateway Access - RPC/LCD read access, and ability to submit transactions
  • Transaction Search - Search transactions by account, type, date, and memo field

Each developer account gets their own API key which can be managed and rotated on both Terra mainnet and testnet. 

Thanks to the Terra team, Terra DataHub is currently free for developers with up to a million requests per day. Developers have the option to upgrade as needed.  

“I’m extremely excited to see DataHub launching on the Terra ecosystem. We have seen successes with the adoption of Chai by millions and so the work by Figment Networks providing rapid and seamless access for developers to get started building is a natural next step for us opening up the builders’ ecosystem!”

Daniel Hwang, Head of Ecosystem Development

DataHub can power the next wave of applications that interact with and connect to Terra and its ecosystem. Our Enterprise-grade staking and node infrastructure is trusted by industry leading custodians, Dapps, exchanges, foundations, large token holders, and wallet providers. Stop worrying about managing your own infrastructure and connect to Terra for free today. 


Figment Networks: Blockchain Simplified

With 30+ years of experience providing secure Internet infrastructure, Figment Networks is Canada’s largest blockchain infrastructure and software provider. Our mission is to make it simple for token holders, developers, and other network participants to use, build and govern blockchains. We do this by providing a comprehensive set of tools & services including our enterprise grade node and staking infrastructure, the Hubble Web 3 explorer and DataHub developer APIs. This approach to making Web 3 easy to use allows us to serve our customers at every step of development, from testnet, to mainnet and beyond.


Terra is building new financial infrastructure that works better for everyone. The network is powered by a family of stablecoins, each pegged to major fiat currencies all algorithmically stabilized by Terra’s native governance and staking token, Luna. Terra’s mission is simple: set money free by building open financial infrastructure.

Luna, as the native staking asset from which the family of Terra stablecoins derive their stability, utility, and value, acts both as collateral for the entire Terra economy and as a staking token that secures the PoS network. Luna can be held and traded as a normal cryptoasset, but can also be staked to accrue rewards in the network generated from transaction fees. Luna can also be used to make and vote on governance proposals. 

The family of Terra stablecoins achieve stability through consistent mining rewards with a contracting and expanding money supply. For example, if the system has detected that the price of a Terra currency has deviated from its peg, it applies pressure to normalize the price. Currently, the family of Terra stablecoins include: KRT (Terra stablecoin pegged to Korean Won), UST (Terra stablecoin pegged to US Dollar), MNT (Terra stablecoin pegged to Mongolian Togrog), SDR (Terra stablecoin pegged to IMF SDR), with more being added in the future.

Terra has made enormous strides in mass adoption within payments space from the Chai payments app built on its platform. Chai has risen to become one of the most popular applications built with blockchain with over 3% of the South Korean population using Chai to pay for goods and services ranging from Korea’s #1 online travel agency, #1 bookstore, #1 gaming publisher, #1 convenience store, the top e-commerce sites, and many more. As of August 2020, Chai currently has over 1.9 million users, an annual run rate of $1 billion, and has shown an average retention rate of over 80% when used with multiple merchants.

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