Dogfooding DataHub, a Hubble Case Study

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Two weeks ago we publicly announced DataHub, our new product that allows developers to seamlessly connect to supported blockchains via our infrastructure. We already have developers using DataHub to power their Web 3 product, including us, by using it to power Hubble.

Our Hubble Web 3 Explorer allows token holders, infrastructure providers, and developers to view transactional, staking, and validator performance data in real time, while also giving token holders the ability to participate in on-chain governance. Hubble users are able to search transactions by account, date range, type and memo field, and can be notified of on-chain activity they choose to subscribe to. 

Hubble provides an in depth look into nine leading Web 3 protocols like Cosmos and Tezos, and we will be providing that same value to other networks like AVA, Celo, Coda, Near, and Polkadot later this year. 

We run infrastructure on every network to support Hubble. By utilizing DataHub, we can load balance the 16 million requests a month to Cosmos, NEAR, Oasis, and Tezos. DataHub allows us to maintain a better connection to these networks to power Hubble. Before DataHub, we connected to these blockchains by directing Hubble to a single node. If that node experienced a technical issue, then Hubble for that network would stop syncing. With DataHub, there are multiple nodes for each network that Hubble can connect to. Our high availability node cluster is constantly being health checked, which eliminates worry and allows us to continue growing Hubble in ways that provide a better experience to our users, and scale across other networks.


Do you own, operate, or maintain a block explorer? DataHub can power that too. DataHub is better than a traditional node or API service. DataHub is a native API service built on a shared node infrastructure that allows users to access custom endpoints that are not available at the node level. This gives users access to our indexers which allows them to create otherwise complicated features like transaction search by address, historical validator data, and staking rewards much easier when compared to using a traditional node service. DataHub provides a high level of simplicity while giving users access to the features and data they need from networks in order to power their own block explorers. 

Figment: Blockchain Simplified

With 30+ years of experience providing secure Internet infrastructure, Figment is Canada’s largest blockchain infrastructure and software provider. Our mission is to make it simple for token holders, developers, and other network participants to use, build and govern blockchains. We do this by providing a comprehensive set of tools & services including our enterprise grade node and staking infrastructure, the Hubble Web 3 explorer and DataHub developer APIs. This approach to making Web 3 easy to use allows us to serve our customers at every step of development, from testnet, to mainnet and beyond.

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