Future of Staking Podcast Series: Understanding Livepeer Governance

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The Future of Staking Podcast Series focuses on what we expect to see grow as important products and new ideas circulating in the Proof of Stake ecosystem in 2020 and beyond. 

This week we chatted with Doug Petkanics and Yondon Fu of Livepeer about recent changes in Livepeer’s governance model.

Future of Staking Podcast Series: Understanding Livepeer Governance

Livepeer’s mission is to “build the world’s open video infrastructure” by offering highly scalable, low cost, and decentralized video transcoding via peer to peer infrastructure built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Main Takeaways

How should Livepeer be governed? That’s a question Livepeer and Figment have been asking recently, and we have been working closely with the Livepeer team to educate the Livepeer community, make design considerations, and help bootstrap governance participation. In this podcast we chatted with the Livepeer team about the initial inspiration for the project, the importance of network governance, and their vision for the future. 

“Governance makes a network far more resilient. It gives stakeholders a say and ownership in the future of the network, it creates a clear process that by which you can evolve, improvements can be made, and you don't want any centralized party controlling the economics amongst all these actors on any  decentralized network.”

- Doug Petkanics

“I think it's reasonable to also want the governance structure to be adaptable either for the community or because there's been new work that demonstrates something could be a better fit for the community.”

- Yondon Fu

Check out our resources on Livepeer governance for more information.

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