Hubble for Cosmos now Open Source

Andrew Cronk
November 9, 2018
minute read
cosmos hubble

We’ve open sourced Hubble and moved it to a new home at

Hubble will start syncing Gaia-9000 when the network launches.

All previously created user accounts should work on the new system. You can add new Alert Subscriptions starting with Gaia-9000.

The work to open source and add new features was made possible by a grant from the Interchain Foundation. We’re excited to keep building and making Hubble better for the community.

Please share any ideas/feedback to

PS. we’ve also recently open sourced a Tezos Baker Payout system, which powers part of the Figment Tezos Bakery (now open for public delegations!). If you’d like to delegate more than 100,000 XTZ, please reach out as we have the unique ability to offer special delegation rates or participation in our bond pool.

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