Introducing DataHub: The Web 3 Gateway

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DataHub is the easiest way for developers to build and launch new apps on Web 3 protocols. We handle the complexities of blockchain technology so they can focus on building powerful applications.


Web 3 technology has the potential to dramatically change how we interact with one another online. Its promise of a completely decentralized internet means that no single entity will be able to control data or limit access. End users will regain ownership of their data, value can be transferred instantly in a permissionless way, and anyone will be able to build and connect freely. People who believe in the value of this promise have an opportunity to grow the Web 3 ecosystem and we strive to do that everyday at Figment.

We started Figment in 2018 with a simple mission: to support the adoption, usability, and long term success of Web 3 protocols. We do this by providing infrastructure to 20+ Web 3 protocols, making our Web 3 explorer Hubble freely accessible to users, and by releasing research and educational content on the Web 3 ecosystem. But there is always more we can do, which is why we are pleased to announce our new product, DataHub, which we will be launching on AVA, Celo, Coda, Cosmos, Filecoin, and Tezos. 

Current Problem

Today, building and running an application on a Web 3 protocol is an extremely costly and difficult process. Developers have to run unstable nodes that require constant updates and lack the tools to streamline debugging. Data is only available in raw formats and needs to be indexed by each team. Leveraging decentralized protocols is often synonymous with a lack of support and token micropayments. These processes have made it hard for developers and enterprises to explore the power of Web 3 without getting bogged down or deterred by its complexities. 

DataHub Solution

Figment is launching DataHub to empower blockchain app developers by opening a gateway to Web 3 protocols. Developers can now use the most powerful and unique features of a protocol without having to become protocol experts themselves. DataHub users can easily integrate our suite of APIs to power their applications and significantly cut development time and costs. 

Developers no longer need to worry about managing blockchain infrastructure as we offer direct access to the protocol’s RPC and REST APIs via our highly reliable full node infrastructure. DataHub also abstracts the need for custom middleware as it indexes Web 3 data across protocols. Developers can now read, write, and interact with Web 3 protocols the way they want to, not the way the blockchain requires them to. 

“DataHub makes building on Web 3 as easy as building on Web 2.”

Andrew Cronk, Cofounder & Head of Product at Figment

Whether you are a Dapp developer, data provider, wallet, exchange, custodian, or block explorer, DataHub ensures you will always be connected to your chosen protocols. We provide an integration in minutes, with high-quality support, and low maintenance. We are launching DataHub on AVA, Celo, Coda, Cosmos, Filecoin, and Tezos this year, with plans to support more protocols in the near future. 

Our customers have successfully started leveraging the power of Web 3 protocols instantly after integrating with DataHub. Check out what our launch partners have to say: 

“Figment has played an active role in contributing to our ecosystem via various tools they are building for the Coda community. We are very excited to see them launch DataHub for Coda.”

Bijan Shahrokhi, Head of Product at O(1) Labs

"We're proud to have Figment as a partner within the Avalanche ecosystem. DataHub can help streamline development on Avalanche, and we look forward to seeing what people build with it."

Kevin Sekniqi, Cofounder of AVA Labs

"Figment is a strong partner to Lunie, providing our node connectivity infrastructure for the Cosmos Hub. They are responsive with great communication, making them a pleasure to work with."

Fabian Weber, CTO of Lunie

Figment: Blockchain Simplified

With 30+ years of experience providing secure Internet infrastructure, Figment is Canada’s largest blockchain infrastructure and software provider. Our mission is to make it simple for token holders, developers, and other network participants to use, build and govern blockchains. We do this by providing a comprehensive set of tools & services including our enterprise grade node and staking infrastructure, the Hubble Web 3 explorer and DataHub developer APIs. This approach to making Web 3 easy to use allows us to serve our customers at every step of development, from testnet, to mainnet and beyond.

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Whether you’re a Dapp Developer, Data Provider, Wallet, Exchange, Custodian, or Block Explorer, DataHub makes it easy to access the essential network data needed to power your Web 3 product.
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