Juno: First Look

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What is Juno? 

Juno is the world's first sandbox environment for the deployment of interoperable & cross-chain smart contracts. The network  is an open & permissionless platform that automatically executes, controls or documents a procedure of relevant events and actions according to smart contracts. These interoperable smart contacts are usable across multiple networks via the inter blockchain communications protocol (IBC). 

The most relevant and up to date information about the Juno ecosystem can be found via https://docs.junochain.com/ or the native Juno Blog https://medium.com/@JunoNetwork 

Smart Contract Interoperability 

Juno provides an environment for the deployment of interoperable smart contracts. The network is a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship resistant avenue for developers to efficiently and securely launch smart contracts. Developers on Juno can deploy apps/contracts in the Rust programming language initially. Future support for additional languages such as Golang are in the works.

Contract modules such as CosmWasm allow for decentralized applications (dApps) to be compiled on robust and secure multi-chain contracts. Now that the CosmWasm 1.0 (Beta) has finally been released, in the coming weeks, Juno can now bring interoperable smart contracts to mainnet. 

Cosmos + IBC

Juno is built using the Cosmos SDK framework, with the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) enabled. With IBC enabled, Juno can now transfer data across many networks supporting IBC. IBC will play an important role in Juno enabling cross-network smart contracts.

Network Genisis 

The Juno Network had its decentralized launch on October 1st 2021. It is currently being secured by 100 independent pos validators and 46000 delegators. 

JUNO Stakedrop

The Juno genesis supply was allocated to staked ATOM addresses only based on the Feb 18th 2021 Cosmos Hub snapshot. Check if your ATOM address is eligible for the airdrop here. The Juno “Stakedrop” releases 47% of the genesis supply to ATOM stakers on a 1:1 basis. There has not been a seed sale, private sale or public sale.

The JUNO Token

The native token JUNO provides a variety of use cases to the Juno ecosystem, including securing the network, handling on-chain governance, and it acting as the fuel for all interoperable smart contracts deployed on Juno. The JUNO token is also used as collateral in various smart contracts, along with being used as the main token for dApps built on top of Juno. 

Staking Information 

Staking JUNO allows users to secure the network, earn rewards, and vote for the future. Staking rewards for staked JUNO are distributed by transaction fees, and new issuance. Rewards for JUNO are distributed every block (~every 6 seconds or so). 

Find more key staking information for JUNO on our website here. 

Why Juno? 

Juno comes from a community driven initiative from users, developers, delegators, and validators in the Cosmos ecosystem. Juno helps eliminate common smart contact layer one bottlenecks through improved scalability, interoperability, low fees, ease of use, and a community governance model. 

Juno is also a sister to the Cosmos Hub, and helps preserve the neutrality of the Hub by offloading smart contract usage and contraction to a designated contact zone. It is also important to mention that Juno has done its best to eliminate potential legal limitations, as Juno has not and will not contact any form of seed sale, private sale, or public sale.  

Next Steps for Juno 

Currently, Juno is now available on the Osmosis AMM DEX. Users can now buy, sell, or provide liquidity with the native JUNO token using Osmosis. 

Moving forward, Juno is focused on bringing intereropabile smart contracts to mainnet. On top of that, Juno is also focused on integrating on Emeris, and the Gravity DEX. Once available, Juno will also be committed to utilizing shared security from the Cosmos Hub. 

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