Learn to Build Secure Smart Contracts with the Tezos Pathway

Clayton Menzel
May 18, 2021
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The Tezos Learn Pathway is the fastest way for developers to learn how to build on Tezos. Gain knowledge, complete tutorials, and earn XTZ. It’s that simple. Learn more by reading below.

Why Build on Tezos?

Tezos is a secure, smart contract blockchain platform that uses its built-in governance mechanism for protocol upgrades. The Tezos network is highly decentralized with over 500 nodes distributed globally. Tezos is open-source and can evolve by upgrading itself without having to split or “fork” the blockchain. This is important as the suggestion or expectation of a fork can divide the community, alter stakeholder incentives, and disrupt the network effects that are formed over time.

What can you Build on Tezos?

Digital Assets - Assets like digital money, tokenized real estate, stablecoins, digital collectibles, and so on are particularly well-suited for Tezos. Avoiding contentious forks can preserve value and coordination around one network, making Tezos a compelling platform for issuing digital assets.

Although no system can be unconditionally secure, the Tezos smart contract language, Michelson, was designed with security and formal verification in mind. This is especially critical for smart contracts representing high value assets, given the unforgiving nature of smart contracts bugs.

Trust-Minimized Financial Contracts - Financial contracts such as decentralized exchanges, swaps, loans, and so on demand a high-level of correctness. Decentralized blockchain networks derive their value from the absence of a trusted third party, which makes a loss of funds from a bug in the code particularly unforgiving. 

Figment Learn

At Figment, we care about the long-term growth and longevity of the Web 3 ecosystem, and we understand what developers need to build the next great decentralized application, which is why we have launched Figment Learn.

Learn Provides Developers with:

  • Free and easy access to the protocols necessary to power their applications via DataHub, our highly available read/write node and enriched API infrastructure.
  • Access to written and streamable educational materials and a diverse community built around learning and fostering ecosystem development.
  • Opportunities for developers to earn tokens for completing tutorials and contributing to the community.

We see Figment Learn as the Web 3 Knowledge base that will drive development and grow the Web 3 ecosystem to new heights.

The Tezos Learn Pathway

The Tezos Learn Pathway allows developers to earn XTZ while gaining the knowledge they need to become Tezos experts. We will be distributing $50,000 to developers who actively complete tutorials and contribute to the community by creating their own tutorials and supporting the growth of the ecosystem.

How to Get Involved

Complete Tutorials – $20 in XTZ

Developers eager to learn how to build secure smart contracts on Tezos while earning XTZ first need to first create a DataHub account. DataHub will provide you free and easy access to Tezos, which will allow you to complete the Tezos Pathway tutorials.

DataHub Offers Highly Available Access to:

  • Tezos’ Mainnet RPC
  • Tezos’ Florencenet RPC
  • Figment’s Enriched API (transaction search)
  • Figment’s Staking Indexer (rewards and balance data)

Tezos Learn Pathway Tutorials

Once finished, you can verify that you have completed tutorials correctly on DataHub.

tezos learn

Once you have completed all the tutorials, that’s it! You have learned the basics of building on Tezos and have earned $20 in XTZ.

Become a Contributor – $500 in XTZ

More experienced developers have the opportunity to earn XTZ by contributing to the Tezos Learn developer community. Simply fill out this form to get started.

Important Links:

Tezos DataHub Sign-up/Login

Tezos Learn Pathway

DataHub Community Discord

What to Expect

We hope to see the Tezos Learn Pathway become the strongest alignment mechanism between Tezos and its developer community who are now incentivized to see the value of the network and its tokens grow. 

Blockchain communities built around developers and education create a strong foundation for ecosystem growth. We look forward to seeing what Tezos developers build with DataHub and the Tezos Learn Pathway. Together, we can build a better Internet.

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