Oasis: Building a Scalable Private DeFi Platform

Clayton Menzel
September 15, 2020
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The Oasis Network is an upcoming privacy-first decentralized computing network. On September 14th, we spoke with the Oasis Network’s DeFi Lead Luca Cosentino and Privacy Architect Vishwa Raman. Check out a recording of the conversation below.


The Oasis Network plans to be a top-to-bottom privacy and confidentiality blockchain solution by providing data confidentiality at the platform level and privacy primitives at the application level.


With respect to DeFi projects, liquidity is the number one concern. That said, the second concern (based on interviews conducted by Luca Consentino) is privacy. This concern is held by DeFi projects, providers like custodians, exchanges, and wallets, as well as end users of these DeFi applications. The Oasis Network team stated that Oasis Network addresses this concern by allowing smart contracts on Oasis to execute while keeping data private and confidential.

New Blockchain Use Cases

Through its design, the Oasis Network can provide complete privacy to not just transactions, but data in motion, and during compute as well. This allows for many new use cases for blockchain. Vishwa Raman gave the example of an automated credit check concept where a bank can receive a verification, but would have no access to an individual's underlying data, thus giving data ownership back to the individual.


Built on Tendermint, the Oasis Network is accessible by design. During our conversation, the Oasis Network team stated that they do plan to build an Ethereum bridge, and implement IBC once it launches.

Mainnet Launch

Vishwa stated that they hope to have a mainnet beta ready by the end September. ROSE token transfers will be enabled a few weeks after mainnet beta launch. You can learn more by reading the Oasis Network Primer.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Luca and Vishwa for taking the time to chat with us!

Thank you Oasis Community for all of your wonderful questions.

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