Staking LUNA on the Terra Network

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Updated Jan 13, 2019

Staking LUNA on the Terra network is easier than ever

The easiest way to stake on Terra with your LUNA tokens is with Terra Station.

Using a Ledger hardware wallet device? You can either use the web version or download the software Not using a hardware wallet? Download the Terra Station software for Mac or Windows.

Here is the Terra team's comprehensive guide.

staking luna

Terra Station

Whether you're using the software or the web version, these instructions should be suitable. From the Terra Station dashboard, 'Sign In' with your login or your Ledger hardware device.

staking luna

From the staking menu, select Figment and click 'Delegate'.

staking luna

Enter the number of LUNA tokens that you would like to delegate to (aka stake with) Figment.

staking luna

Confirm your delegation.

staking luna

That's all! You're delegating. You'll now begin accruing rewards as stablecoins.

staking luna

Once you have earned stablecoin rewards, you may withdraw them via the staking dashboard.

staking luna

You can then swap stablecoins for LUNA via the 'Market' part of the dashboard if you would like to increase your LUNA holdings.

staking luna

If you have difficulty, for support.

Hopefully you found this useful. Feedback is always welcome! I’m on Twitter.

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