Stargaze: Airdrop Details

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Stargaze is a proof of stake, Cosmos-based decentralized NFT marketplace. Stargaze is one of the first NFT marketplaces to launch in the Cosmos ecosystem. Figment has been validating on the Stargaze testnet since July, and will be a validator on mainnet. 

What can we expect at launch?

Stargaze protocol changes how we think about social media interactions. At launch, Stargaze will primarily be an NFT marketplace. Stargaze is aiming to fill the lack of NFT marketplaces in the Cosmos ecosystem, providing a feature that allows users to mint directly on chain. 

Stargaze also allows content curators to earn rewards for discovering content early, while appraising it in the process. Along with incentives being baked into the platform’s NFTs, fees for minting and purchasing NFTs on Stargaze on Cosmos will be much cheaper than Ethereum. Each Stargaze NFT has its own bidding market with liquidity, and creators make a percentage of each trade. 

“Stargaze can show what an open, transparent, and fully community owned social media network can look like.” – Shane Vitarana, Stargaze Co-Founder

Roles on Stargaze

Roles on Stargaze can be divided into two categories, user and infrastructure provider. Users on Stargaze will create, curate, stake, and transact tokens on the platform. Infrastructure roles are validators, and delegators. 

“Today’s social media consists of at least two intermediaries between creators and their audience: the platform, and advertisers. This creates an incentive misalignment that extracts value between creators and their audience. Decentralized social media can do what Bitcoin did to payments and currency. People can interact peer-to-peer, and can reap all the rewards from their engagement.” – Shane Vitarana, Stargaze Co-Founder

The STARS Token

The STARS token is the Stargaze Protocol native token. Stargaze recently announced an airdrop for ATOM and OSMO Stakers

The STARS token is used for:

  • Interactions on the platform
  • Staking
  • Voting on governance proposals  
  • Minting NFTs

Staking STARS will be enabled on the Keplr Wallet a month or so after launch, depending on their phased launch process. 

Stargaze Airdrop Details 

In order to claim your airdrop, you have to perform 4-5 actions on Stargaze when it launches. If you have used Osmosis or Rabbithole, you’re already familiar with performing tasks to claim tokens. Some claimable actions include bidding on NFTs, staking, and voting in governance.

Stargaze designed the airdrop to reach the most active participants in the Cosmos ecosystem. In order to claim your airdrop, you have to perform 4-5 actions on Stargaze when it launches. If you are familiar with Osmosis, the steps are similar for performing tasks to claim tokens. For example, some of the actions on Stargaze include bidding on NFTs, staking, and voting in governance. Tasks below are eligible for the airdrop: 

  • ATOM stakers
  • OSMO stakers or liquidity providers
  • Stargaze validator stakers on Cosmos Hub
  • Stargaze validator stakers on Osmosis
  • Stargaze validator stakers on Regen Network

For each role above, you will be able to claim 2,453 STARS. Distributing a fixed amount is in the spirit of the original Uniswap airdrop, giving every user more or less an equal starting point. For example, if you’re an ATOM staker and OSMO staker, and meet the minimums below, then your airdrop reward is 4,906 STARS.

The airdrop minimum requirements are: 

  • ATOM staker: 5 ATOM minimum staked
  • OSMO staker: 50 OSMO minimum staked

As a note, airdrop amounts start decaying 4 months after the launch of the NFT market, so be sure to claim your airdrop when they release later in the month. Check airdrop eligibility here: 

Next Steps: Stargaze

Stargaze is currently focused on launching their blockchain, taking a phased approach, as laid out below: 

  • Phase 0: Chain launch with 0% inflation (Oct 29th)
  • Phase 1: Liquidity pools on Osmosis and Gravity DEX
  • Phase 2: Governance proposal to enable inflation
  • Phase 3: Airdrop Claimable & Web app launch with first NFT drop

Stargaze plans to launch the chain on October 29th, with liquidity pools on Osmosis and Gravity DEX coming 2-3 weeks after. New tokens won’t be issued until after Phase 2, when inflation kicks in, and then you’ll be able to stake STARS through the Keplr Wallet. Stargaze is aiming to have phase 3 completed before the end of the year, and airdrops will be claimable starting in phase 3.

Be sure to follow Stargaze to keep track of their phased launch process. 

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