Track Cosmos Validator performance with Hubble Alerts

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Now that the Cosmos Hub has launched, Delegators are beginning to join the network and choose Validators by delegating their ATOMs.

At the time of writing, there are ~52M ATOMs being delegated, or roughly half of ATOMs currently available for staking.

As more Delegators join, there will be a larger emphasis tracking returns, inflation, and Validator performance.

A great way to start tracking Validator performance is by setting up Hubble Alerts to be notified of things like Validators receiving/losing delegations, going offline, performing poorly, and potentially getting slashed.

cosmos validator

You can currently subscribe to receive notifications for:

  • Voting Power Change %: gained or lost delegations
  • Misses N of Last M Precommits: performing poorly over a range of time
  • Misses N Consecutive Precommits: potentially offline or disconnected from network
  • Joined/Left the Active Set: slashed, offline, or out of top 100 Validators

You can subscribe to Alerts for multiple Validators, and we’ll walk through in detail how that works below.

Hubble Alerts Tutorial

  1. Sign up for a Hubble Account.
  2. Find a Validator you’d like to receive Alerts for on the main page and click on their name.
  3. Scroll down to the Event History section and click the Subscribe button in the top right corner.
cosmos validator

4. Toggle the Off/On switch for each Alert you’d like to subscribe to and then scroll up and click the Save Subscription button at the top of the page.

5. You can optionally also receive a Daily Digest summary of all Alerts, in addition to realtime Alerts by toggling the Off/On switch at the bottom of the page and scrolling up and clicking the Save Subscription button.

cosmos validator

Congrats! You’re now all set up to be notified when Validators receive/lose delegations, go offline, are performing poorly, and potentially get slashed.

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