Transferring Ownership of our Baker to Chorus One

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We have decided to transfer the ownership of our Tezos baker to the team at Chorus One. This will be a seamless transition for anyone delegating to us currently. Learn more by reading below.

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Figment and Tezos

Transferring ownership of our baker does not mean we are leaving the Tezos ecosystem for good. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We have decided to focus our efforts on Figment Learn and DataHub for Tezos developers. Our commitment to building out the developer stack is where we believe we can provide the most value to the Tezos community.

Transferring Ownership to Chorus One

Thanks to an agreement between us and our friends over at Chorus One, our XTZ delegators will not lose out on rewards, neither will they have to undelegate nor find another baker during the transition process.

Chorus One is a reputable staking provider across many of the networks we support, and has even been through this process before when they acquired the Cryptium Labs baker in early March.

The most important part of this process was making sure that our delegators would not be affected by this transition. Chorus One made it easy and we appreciate their commitment to our delegators.

Clayton Menzel, Head of Marketing at Figment

We’re glad we could help to avoid a shutdown of the Figment baker, which would have resulted in stranded XTZ and forgone staking rewards for many delegators. We are looking forward to continuing to provide a high-quality service to Figment’s former delegators.

Brian Crain, CEO of Chorus One

The transfer of the baker is currently underway and we will notify our XTZ delegators when it is fully complete, which should happen in early May.

If you are delegating XTZ with us, there is no action required. You will:

  • Continue to earn rewards
  • Not need to undelegate or find another baker

Keep in mind that after the transition is complete, the display name, commission rates, and other metadata related to the baker will be adjusted. The baker will be a Chorus One branded baker moving forward and the commission rate will be brought in line with their existing baker on Tezos.

Moving Forward

We look forward to continuing building out our DataHub infrastructure and Figment Learn knowledge base for Tezos developers moving forward and we appreciate the help from Chorus One, which made this transition as seamless as possible for our XTZ delegators.

Feel free to contact us or Chorus One if you have any questions.

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