Figment Slate:
The universal staking API

Rapidly and easily deploy staking across 50+ Proof of Stake networks

Figment is proud to announce the release of Slate, the universal staking API. With Slate, exchanges, custodians, channel partners, and asset managers can easily add staking and token management to their platforms.

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  1. Slate - ETH Staking Deposit Integration
    Adam Van Der Beek

Slate Offers

A 90% reduction in time to market

A simplified infrastructure that easily scales to support multiple networks

Reduced engineering, operational, and infrastructure costs

Slate API structure

You focus on custody,
Slate manages the rest

Integrating and staking new tokens can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Limited engineering resources and a lack of detailed protocol knowledge often combine to hinder the deployment of staking. Slate addresses these challenges by providing a single interface that connects to over 50 protocols, enabling clients to offer staking in a matter of days.

How does Slate work?

Slate abstracts away all network-specific work and translates protocol-specific content into a unified transaction format - a single API - offering a simplified user experience. It takes a standardized input for each transaction type and returns a protocol-specific transaction object that is fully ready to be signed and broadcast to the network. Slate enables a full suite of staking transactions, including sending, depositing, staking, un-staking, and re-delegating tokens as well as claiming rewards.

Figment is one of the largest blockchain infrastructure and services providers trusted by leading custodians and exchanges such as Fireblocks, BitGo, and Ledger. Our mission is to empower investors and developers to build Web3, the next generation of the Internet.

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