Asset Managers & Traditional Finance

Offer your clients protocol staking rewards 

At Figment, we offer industry-leading staking services to a variety of high net-worth groups including asset managers, hedge funds, and traditional finance. We continue to deliver best-in-class products and services to support the needs of investors who want to support the growth of Proof of Stake and earn stable returns.

Our custodial partners give you peace of mind by safely and seamlessly securing your tokens in a compliant way, while still giving you the ability to generate staking returns. Figment’s staking, middleware, and application level solutions are relied on by more than one hundred institutional investors and thousands of developers and blockchain start-ups who are investing in and building on Web 3 technology.

We provide a variety of services including:
  • Access to our proprietary reporting dashboard, Figment Prime
  • In-depth research and analysis across our 50+ supported Protocols
  • The best insurance in the industry, with 3 tiers of support
  • Compliant with local laws and regulations
  • Industry-leading security infrastructure with preferred custody
    partners to give you peace of mind.
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