Venture Capital & Founding Teams

Your go-to partner for long-term growth and sustainability

Figment offers VC's and founding teams industry leading staking infrastructure, protocol, and developer expertise.  We run our own specialized bare-metal, provide unparalleled support, and are focused on building and supporting Web 3.

Figment’s reputation & experience across multiple blockchains provides VC's and founders with a variety of value-added services hard for firms to replicate. Our mission is to build a better Internet where individuals and companies are in complete control of how they interact online.

We give VC's and founding teams access to: 
  • Enterprise-grade Proof of Stake infrastructure, coupled with industry-leading security practices and SLA's
  • In-depth research and analysis across our 50+ supported Protocols  
  • Deep understanding of Proof of Stake fundamentals with active involvement in governance
  • Access to our advanced reporting dashboard, block explorer, and staking API
  • Having a partner that will contribute to the growth and expansion of the Web 3 ecosystem
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If you are a VC fund or founding team, contact us below to inquire about our staking services. 

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