Stake ETH with confidence

Earn a 25% - 50% reward rate increase for ETH by the time of the merge!

Why Stake ETH with Figment?

If you are interested in staking over 32 Ethereum, we offer a host of services aimed at delivering safe, reliable staking rewards.

The Figment Difference:

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Optimized for Security: Figment’s infrastructure is architected and deployed to prioritize the security and resilience of our clients’ staked assets. Our industry-leading slashing coverage also protects against missed rewards and slashing.

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Comprehensive Asset Management: Our Prime dashboard provides detailed rewards and position reporting across multiple assets and allows seamless portfolio management including simple delegation and undelegation.

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Deep Industry Insights: Figment’s Protocol Specialist team is deeply involved in the networks we support and provides a valuable source of information on network developments, governance, and broader industry trends.

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Our Customer Commitment: Dedicated Customer Success representatives work closely with our clients to understand underlying goals and maximize the benefits of staking.

We are also one of the founding members of Alluvial, an enterprise liquid staking standard that will be launching ETH liquid staking very soon!

Contact us at for more information on staking ETH with Figment.

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Whether you’re a foundation, venture capital firm, large token holder, or fiduciary, our staking infrastructure will ensure your tokens are secure and accessible.

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Why stake ETH?

Ethereum is the largest layer-1 blockchain, and the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. With the added functionality of smart contracts, Ethereum is the most trusted and popular ecosystem for developers. By volume, Ethereum has the largest daily transaction volume of all cryptocurrencies, this transaction volume is directly correlated to your staking rewards.