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Figment is the world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure. Our 200+ institutional clients rely on Figment to provide best in class staking services including seamless and easy integrations, complete staking coverage, detailed rewards reporting, insights, and MEV-Boost activation on ETH.

The Figment Difference

  • Point-and-click staking

    Experience the best point-and-click staking interface for ETH. Stake, unstake and claim rewards with Figment.
  • Collect more rewards

    With a 99% average participation rate and 0 slashing event, Figment clients benefit from our engineering and protocol expertise to maximize the chances of earning more rewards with MEV-Boost.
  • Fully automated rewards reporting

    Access detailed and comprehensive rewards statements in various formats.
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Featured Products

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Figment: The complete staking solution for institutions to manage your ETH staking positions, view detailed and comprehensive rewards statements, analyze data on protocol wide and validator specific performance and interact with the Beacon Chain with our Staking, Rewards, and Node APIs.
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Rewards calculator: A wise decision-making tool to quantify staking opportunities by calculating how much would be earned by staking ETH.
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Robust Risk Coverage: Off-the-shelf coverage for Figment customers to help off-set the risk of ETH slashing, downtime, and missed rewards backed by traditional insurance, on-chain coverage, and Figment’s balance sheet.

Figment’s Protocol team has extensive Ethereum knowledge intended to help dive into the specifics such as governance and staking information.

Learn more about Ethereum from our Protocol team.

Figment Protocol Wiki


What is Figment's latest ETH staking performance?

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In 2022, for November and December, Figment operated validators generated a mean rewards of 0.16791 ETH, while all active validators on the network generated a mean rewards of 0.16206 ETH. View November & December's Ethereum Validator Performance Report here.

What are the different types of ETH rewards? Where can I view my staking rewards (with details)?

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There are two different types of ETH rewards. Execution rewards include tips (i.e. priority fees) and MEV rewards. Consensus rewards are inflationnary rewards created by Ethereum. You can view, in detail, your staking rewards on the Figment Staking App or via Figment's Rewards API. Learn more about post-Merge rewards.

What is the lockup period for unstaking ETH? When can I unstake and withdraw my ETH? When will the Shanghai upgrade take place?

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You can exit the active validator set, but your stake along with consensus rewards are locked until after the Shanghai upgrade.

If a validator chooses to exit the active set they must wait 4 epochs in addition to an exit queue. Currently, a maximum of 7 validators are permitted to exit per epoch. After the validator is considered to have been "exited" there is an additional delay of 256 epochs (~27 hours), that they must wait until their stake (and consensus rewards) are considered withdrawable. Again, even though the stake and rewards are considered "withdrawable" they cannot in fact be withdrawn until after the Shanghai upgrade.

The Shanghai upgrade is estimated to take place in the first half of 2023, but the timing depends on which Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) are included in Shanghai. For instance, if withdrawals and a few other lighter lift EIPs are included Shanghai could happen as early as mid Q1 2022.

What types of rewards reporting does Figment offer?

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Figment provides rewards reporting via the Figment Staking App, CSV files and the Rewards API.

Can I claim my ETH rewards while continuing to stake?

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Currently, you can only claim execution rewards (tips and MEV rewards) while continuing to stake. The ability to withdraw consensus rewards (along with stake) will not be available until after the Shanghai upgrade.

Can I choose multiple wallets to receive my ETH rewards?

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You cannot choose multiple wallets to receive your ETH rewards.

How does Figment mitigate and prevent ETH staking risks such as slashing?

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Figment mitigates and prevents ETH staking risks such as slashing by applying its "Safety over Liveness" approach, which optimizes uptime and prioritizes security. We have adopted Web3Signer, a remote signing solution, to ensure that we never sign two blocks simultaneously (i.e. double signing). To learn more, read "What does Safety Over Liveness Really Mean?" in the Figment Insider Q3 Report.

How many multiples of 32 ETH can be staked in a single transaction with Figment?

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A maximum of 100 multiples of 32 ETH can be staked in a single transaction with Figment.

How are the network gas fees charged when I stake and what is Figment’s commission for staking ETH?

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The network gas fees are charged on top of the 32 ETH, so it is necessary to ensure a balance slightly more than 32 ETH per validator. Figment's commission for staking ETH is tailored to each customer based on their staking volume.

Which client(s) do you run?

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Figment runs the Geth execution client and the Lighthouse consensus client.

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Figment is the world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure. We provide the most comprehensive staking solution for our over 200+ institutional clients including exchanges, wallets, foundations, custodians, and large token holders to earn rewards on their crypto assets.

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