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Which networks are supported?

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The Rewards Calculator currently supports ETH, SOL, and DOT. Throughout 2023, We plan to add a mixture of protocols including: MATIC, AVAX, NEAR, ATOM, OSMO… and more!

What is the Staking Rewards Rate (SRR)?

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The Staking Rewards Rate is the estimated rewards rate for the selected network. The Rewards Calculator leverages Figment’s Rewards Rate API retrieving time series of daily network-wide annualized staking rewards rates to provide a source of truth for token holders and builders, which we call the Staking Rewards Rate (SRR).

Up to how many networks can I compare my revenue possibilities of staking?

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Up to four networks can be compared to calculate total rewards earnings.

How can the projected rewards earnings be shared?

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To share the earning potential, click on the double rectangle logo to get a personalized URL.

Do the total annual rewards earned include compounded earnings?

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Yes, except for ETH which does not allow compounding as it is not based on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism.

Does the Staking Rewards Rate (SRR) include the transaction rewards (the priority fees and MEV)?

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Currently, for ETH, the Rewards Calculator displays the current annualized rewards rate without including the transaction rewards (the priority fees and MEV). Learn more about ETH rewards here.