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"The Figment app brings together point and click staking tools to manage your positions and view in depth rewards reporting. In addition, our unique staking insights section provides data on protocol wide and validator specific performance. For deep technical integrations, developers have a special section to manage our Staking, Rewards, and Node APIs. The Figment app is one place for your whole team to manage a complete staking solution.”

- Andrew Cronk, Figment Co-founder and CPO
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Institutional Investors


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The Figment app features

The most secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure

Figment's enterprise-grade node and staking infrastructure prioritizes the security and resiliency of staked assets while minimizing risk.
  • Physical Access Control - Data Center: Figment's private physical infrastructure is hosted in SOC 2 certified third-party facilities. Physical and environmental controls include physical barriers, 2N power and cooling, redundant fiber, card access, fire suppression systems, control systems, security guards, biometrics, cameras, key locks, monitoring and logging, and 24/7 access.
  • Zero-Trust Architecture: Restricted environments utilizes a zero-trust architecture with microsegmentation and tools for policy enforcement and continuous validation and monitoring.
  • Systems Security: System security is built into Figment's server platforms using automation wherever possible. Hardening measures and controls are incorporated into server builds.
  • Network Security: Figment-managed networks are designed using a multi-cloud, multi-tiered segmented approach. Connectivity is restricted by VPNs, private links and advanced identity management solutions. Restricted networks are blocked from the public internet. Security standards are followed based on vendor hardening benchmarks and security best practices.
Availability & Reliability
Figment's staking infrastructure is divided across multiple cloud and physical data center providers that are geographically dispersed and designed for maximum security and redundancy.
  • Slashing Protections: Figment has a robust infrastructure strategy in place to reduce the likelihood and severity of a slashing event. Figment has insurance policies in place that help cover slashing, downtime and/or missed rewards that may occur across its supported networks.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Protection: Figment uses a DNS provider and failover design that monitors for DDoS attacks and can mitigate on the global network level.
  • Infrastructure Redundancy: Figment's network infrastructure includes diverse paths across various cloud and data center providers supporting blockchain participation.
  • Service Monitoring: Figment utilizes performance and security monitoring tools. A 24/7 on-call operations and security response team is available for response and issue resolution.
  • Key Management: Validator key management is critical to Figment’s blockchain participation and staking lifecycle. Limited privileged key custodians with a business need have access to appropriate security tiers, encrypted hardware devices and encrypted vaults to manage keys.
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Figment is the world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure. We provide the most comprehensive staking solution for our over 200+ institutional clients including exchanges, wallets, foundations, custodians, and large token holders to earn rewards on their crypto assets.

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