Figment White Label

Maximize branding, security, and control with private dedicated validators.

Figment White Label is designed for the most sophisticated custodians, exchanges, and institutional investors who value:

  • Branded validators
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Fee control
  • Clean reporting
  • Streamlined deployment
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Figment White Label offers dedicated staking validators with several key benefits:

  1. Brand and market each validator as your own private staking service, or choose to maintain anonymity
  2. Take full control over fee setting and rewards distribution
  3. Minimize potential attack vectors
  4. Avoid sharing validators with others
  5. Reduced engineering, operational, and infrastructure costs

White Label clients also receive the full suite of benefits that define Figment’s industry-leading staking capabilities, including:

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Rock-Solid Infrastructure: Figment leverages the founding team’s 30+ years of real world experience operating critical internet infrastructure, resulting in unparalleled performance across our staking and application platforms.
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Seamless Staking Integration: Implement staking services seamlessly with Figment’s universal Staking API to accelerate your go-to-market (GTM) strategy across all major protocols. Start earning staking revenue much faster and keep your team focused.
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Expansive Protocol Support: Figment offers staking and API support for all major protocols.
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Fully automated rewards reporting: Available via the Figment Staking App or via API that hooks directly into client platforms, offering portfolio tracking across multiple networks and rewards optimization.
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Robust Risk Coverage: Stay protected against slashing, missed rewards and downtime with our three tiers of coverage: traditional insurance, on-chain coverage, and Figment’s balance sheet.
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Stake with confidence and knowledge: Get insights from Figment’s complete staking offering with 24/7 institutional support from our dedicated global team and regularly produced industry leading research and insights.

"Figment has been our partner of choice for staking and node infrastructure. Being partnered with dozens of high-profile firms in all segments of the crypto ecosystem, we are happy to recommend Figment as one of the most sophisticated, professional and responsive firms in the space. We are very happy with our partnership and excited to see what the future holds for both firms."

- Boris Bohrer-Bilowitzki, Chief Revenue Officer, Copper

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Figment is the world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure. We provide the most comprehensive staking solution for our over 200+ institutional clients including exchanges, wallets, foundations, custodians, and large token holders to earn rewards on their crypto assets.

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